Who We Are

Viñas de Colchagua was established in December 1999 as is Chile’s first regional association of wineries and has the primary objective of promoting and disseminating information about the Colchagua Valley Denomination of Origin.

The organization obtained the legal status as a Trade Association in June 2011. Today it represents 14 wineries in the area and is officially also responsible for the Colchagua Valley Wine Route.

Our mission is to support, promote, and protect the business operations of all wineries dedicated to producing fine wines under the Colchagua Valley Denomination of Origin.

The Association achieves this by focusing on the development of three important areas: Through Trade relations, providing the community and public authorities with qualified, respected opinions on business operations.

By encouraging Wine Tourism in the Colchagua Valley, and by promoting and safeguarding the Colchagua Valley Denomination of Origin (DO).

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