The entrepreneurial spirit and belief in the potential of Chilean wine joined a group of professionals to founded Montes winery in the late 80’s. Aurelio Montes, Douglas Murray, Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand build this project almost from scratch, achieving international recognition thanks to the first production of Montes Alpha, the first Chilean premium wine.

In addition to position Chile as an excellent wine producer, Montes has become one of the great vineyards of the exporting country, backed by superior quality and innovative genius winemaker Aurelio Montes, creator of fine wines such as Alpha M, Purple Angel and Montes Folly.

Pioneers in the Apalta Valley, to plant on mountain slopes, to capture the influence of music in the maturation of the wine, Montes winery has known how to combine the technique with its belief in the protective power of the angels, on the Feng Shui principles –integrated into the winery –, and sustainable growth.

Looking for new qualities, Montes winery has replicated the formula beyond borders, landing on Argentina in 2002 with its subsidiary Kaiken. In 2006 arrived in Napa, United States. In Chile, have also bet on coastal areas such as Marchigüe and Zapallar showing, in each adventure, the ability to continue surprising and delighting wine lovers.

Phone: (56-2) 248-4805
Address: Av. del Valle 945, of. 2611, Huechuraba – Chile

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