MontGras is a progressive Chilean winery focused on producing great tasting wines, with passion and skill, to reflect their unique terroir.

Since its foundation in 1993, a dedicated, passionate team has been committed to develop and produce the great tasting MontGras wines enjoyed by millions worldwide.

MontGras deeply respects its community, environment and the care of its workers. All of this reflects a “gustoso” way of life; enjoying life and wine while getting the best from the country and of course, being responsible of where and whom we live with.

Commercial Office

Av. Los Conquistadores 1730, Piso 6 – Providencia – Santiago
T: +56 (2) 3240 0900

Winery & Vineyards
Camino Isla de Yáquil s/n • Palmilla • VI Región
T: +56 (72) 2822-845 – Chile

Nuestras Alianzas