Santa Cruz

Our vineyard, 160 hectares, is immersed in a soil with different climate and soil. The sector called El Peral received the direct influence of cold winds and moisture-laden, geomorphology around us makes these winds blowing over a hill of native forests, which absorb moisture.
This will become hot and dry winds, reaching a second area known as The Huaico. The third area of the estate is the Terraces, with a particular microclimate dependent exposure and height.
The vineyard is immersed in a granitoid basis on which are two influences: the alluvial clay soils characterized by deep, and the colluvial landslides result caused by earthquakes, and characterized by porous soil with excellent drainage. On these strains terroirs we cultivate Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot.

We were inspired by the indigenous people of Chile, to give life to each of our wines using a sample of their cultures in a time travel to the mountain village Shaman: The Shaman, Mr. Aymara of life and death, link between the human and divine.
The Machi, who treasures the Mapuche medicinal and metaphysical secrets, use the
Tupu, its crown jewel. The Rapa Nui account balance and the mysticism of their rituals, the inspiration for our new projects.
Certified as a Sustainable Vineyard in December 2011, Viña Santa Cruz confirms their good agricultural practice with the initiative of Wines of Chile that can maintain the high standard of management, respect for the land, our
workers and nearby communities.

Phone: (56-2) 221-9090
Address: Exequiel Fernandez 3397, Macul, Santiago, Chile


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